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Possum’s Store Nightingale Project

The Nightingale Project celebrates the courage and dedication of nurses who, under unprecedented circumstances, bravely care for us while putting themselves at risk.


Nurses are on the front line of the pandemic working in threatening conditions, compassionately providing care while navigating long hours, limited supplies, and the safety of themselves and their own families. Caring for patients who are unable to be with family or friends,  they provide a human touch that is crucial in the healing process.


The Nightingale Project, as acknowledgment and a show of gratitude for their commitment and sacrifice, is sending small paintings of a nightingale to nurses nationwide.


Possum’s Store Art Project

Bringing the community together in difficult times.

Success, all 80 project packages have been picked up!


If you picked up a package and would like to send a photo of your painting to, with your name (or can be anonymous) we will post it on our Facebook page and our website to share with the community.

Thanks and have fun - we can’t wait to see your painting!

Renee & Jim

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