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Our Artists: Barbara Shenefield

I am an illustrator and designer working in various media including watercolor,

oil paint, collage, illustration, design and art direction, and digital art. Native

New Yorker, currently in Charlottesville, Virginia. Living in such a beautiful

place makes making art easy.

My education is in art, architecture, and science. I have a BFA in visual art from

Purchase College, and attended architecture school at Cooper Union.

My posters are in a style reminiscent of the classic posters of the National Parks.

Though they have a retro sensibility, they are also very clean and contemporary

looking.  The New Deal brought us both artworks that were supported by our

government, by the people of the US, as well as messaging that served the

people of this country: protect our natural resources, visit National Parks, public

health is a concern for us all, being a citizen means participating. My recent posters pick up the style of that era and some of the messaging, too, which remains just as relevant today. 

Some recent projects are posters with social messaging, particularly about a future that acknowledges changing climate and takes productive steps to ameliorate its causes and its effects.

I draw either on paper or directly in the computer. The posters are printed with a very high-resolution printer using ultrachrome inks on high quality Kao-Lin paper. The flat, densely pigmented areas of color have an appearance similar to silkscreened prints.

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