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Our Artists

Possum's Store's unique gallery in an 1890s general store represents many contemporary local and regional artists. Home to award winning artists, it displays paintings, sculpture, clay and glass

Current Exhibition

We currently have a selection of artists on display as part of our holiday market.

Upcoming in the Gallery

Jane Skafte (Artist - Spring 2024)

Ongoing in the Gallery

Master Blacksmith, Fred Crist.

Previous Exhibitions

Renee Balfour (Sculpture)

Fernew Farm Artists' Circle (Paintings)

Barbara Shenefield (Prints)

Walker Antonio (Paintings)

David Currier (Sculpture)

Renee Balfour (Wooden sculpture)

Sarah Trundle (abstract)

Ingrid Matuszewski (Plein Air)

John Grant (Botanical photographs on aluminum)

Jennifer Esser (Paintings)

Linda vander Linde (Porcelain and jewelry)

Sharon Zarambo (Assemblages)

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