David Lussier - Three Day Workshop - $475

Friday, April 17th to Sunday, April 19th

9 am - 4 pm 

Blue Ridge Mountains Plein Air

Learn invaluable tools for tackling Alla Prima painting with confidence. The term Alla Prima means 'At One Go'. In his remarkable treatise 'In Praise of Painterly Painters', the late artist, author and teacher, Charles Movalli wrote; painterly painters are surrounded by seeming contradictions. They finish by not finishing, include by leaving out, paint more by painting less. Their means are easy to see, the results, immediately felt. But how such seemingly insufficient means lead to these results is a mystery.

In this three-day Plein air workshop, we will explore this method of Alla Prima painting. The economy of stroke is within every painter's grasp if they are willing to approach the painting process with a 'Less Is More' mindset. Our goal with each painting will be to see our subject as shapes of color and value and not as individual objects. When viewed in this way, we can look at our subject with a painters eye, react quickly and make confident marks on the canvas that are uniquely an expression of our individual selves. There will be a daily demonstration and discussions on composition, design, value and capturing light and atmosphere in your paintings. Beginners to experienced artists are welcome.


Questions? Please contact: Renee Balfour

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David is a nationally known workshop instructor in the Plein Air scene. He has been teaching workshops privately and for numerous art organizations for more than 23 years. His demos and lectures about a ‘less is more’ approach to painting are always passionate and inspiring. A comment most often heard is that David makes Plein Air painting look easy. His method of teaching and his ability to convey how to simplify shapes, color and value have inspired and influenced many students to forever change how they view and paint what they see before them. David’s paintings are fresh and full of energy. His response to the subject matter is always spontaneous and from the heart. He feels that painting is a balance between painting what is before you and being open to clever solutions to composition, color and finish. In order to paint light and atmosphere convincingly, there are certain truths in nature that must be upheld, but there must also be room for originality and feeling. All truths in painting are subjective truths. If an artist is to express him or herself, then cleverness and originality have to be allowed to bubble up from within and caress the finished work. David has been immersed in the Plein Air scene since 2001. His first introduction to Plein air events was at the prestigious Laguna Beach Invitational held at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach CA. Every year since then, he has competed in a variety of top Plein air invitational and juried events, winning awards in almost every venue he has attended, including numerous Best of Show and First Place awards. His most recent awards include Second Place at the Wayne Plein Air Festival, Second Place at Plein Air Richmond, First Place at Paint Annapolis and the award for ‘Best Working Waterfront’ at Cape Ann Plein Air.


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