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Our Artists: Linda van der Linde

April 15th to May 22nd

Artist statement:

For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by organic forms–especially flowers–and the contemplative spaces of nature. Since 1977, I have adapted floral motifs in porcelain, creating jewelry and intimate botanical sculptures that embody the essence of a flower. I like to think about working with earth (clay), sticks (bamboo tools) and fire (my kiln) to create the pieces!


Bio: I have been working in clay since 1975, beginning with very rustic earthenware beads. Gradually the forms evolved into botanical shapes - designs rooted in nature, taking their form and coloration from flowers, leaves, and natural forms. For 25 years, Linda van der Linde Studio produced a line of porcelain jewelry, all hand sculpted and hand painted, sold in galleries and shops around the country. Presently I create botanical sculptures and jewelry.


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