Music Events - All Shows 6 - 8pm

Tickets – $20

All shows featuring DuCard Vineyards Wines!

  • The Michael Elswick Gathering
    Sat, May 22
    Possums Store
    Premier Charlottesville saxophonist brings his talented and versatile group to Possum’s Store to entertain with jazz, Latin, and more!
  • Stephanie Nakasian Reunion Concert
    Sat, Jun 19
    Possums Store
    Internationally acclaimed vocalist known as the Renaissance Woman of Jazz reunites her fabulous Halloween quartet featuring Karl Kimmel and Eric Franzen for another great show! (
  • Royce Campbell Trio
    Sat, Jul 17
    Possums Store
    Firmly established as one of the premier guitarists, composers, and producers in the world today, Royce brings his great trio with Bob Bowen on bass to Possum’s Store. (